Fair Share

Challenge: Though 70% of global social impact workers are women, only 30% of the sector’s leaders are – and a man is five times more likely to rise to a leadership position. A more feminist leadership would be more representative, meaning organisations match their own promises. It would reduce cases of sexual discrimination and abuse, and provide a stronger feminist solution to the pressing problems of global society. 


Partner: FAIR SHARE is a new organisation founded 2019 by a coalition of six worldwide feminist leaders, and supported by giant NGOs like Amnesty and Plan. Their work is to monitor the proportion of female workers to female leaders in civil society organisations worldwide, while advocating strongly for a positive, feminist leadership.


Approach: We took what was a basic brand identity and opened it out into a whole visual world, for core publications, proposals and other visual materials, while helping refine a crisp and impactful language. Then FAIR SHARE asked us to design and build a complex website, in early summer 2020, communicating their values of clarity, courage, and fresh approach.