International Civil Society Centre

Challenge: At a time when civil society is under attack worldwide, a coherent and collaborative response is urgently required. The International Civil Society Centre, despite having the backing of the world’s biggest NGOs, was facing obstacles from a clunky and outdated website, visual identity, and messaging approach. 


Partner: Co-owned by Amnesty, Plan, Greenpeace, Oxfam, and others, the Centre is an essential hub for civil society at a time when this sector is under attack worldwide. 


Approach: We revamped its visual identity and messaging to match the Centre’s values of innovation and boldness. This included design and creation of their complex and wide-ranging main website and a new visual language for their range of publications. We also developed their tone of voice, creating TOV guidelines, and edited a number of core texts for a variety of uses – including the ED’s speech to the Board.


The Centre then asked us to create the visual identity, website and printed materials for their flagship conference Global Perspectives. This annual conference invites top guests from business and civil society, including the top global directors of Amnesty, Greenpeace, Plan and Oxfam.