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Think Act Change

Strategic advocacy meets creative storytelling to drive transformation.

Think Act Change is a series of bespoke workshops is for business, institutions, NGOs, thinkers, actors, and leaders working for AAA sustainability.

The process drives ALIGNMENT between purpose and practice, AGILITY across teams and stakeholders, and ACTIVATION of target audiences.

Through May we will deliver 3 x one-hour sample sessions – for free – featuring prominent speakers from policy, business, foundations, and social impact. These moderated digital debates will feature best practice examples, creative techniques and practical tools. Each will be open to a maximum of 20 participants, balanced between the same spheres, to make sure each debate is full and fruitful.

Let’s pool ideas and forge connections to build a post-pandemic landscape based on justice and sustainability.

Radical times call for radical solutions. Make May your month of movement.

A collaboration between veteran Brussels-based strategist Jo Sullivan and global storyteller and creative facilitator David Labi. For more info, email or

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