We are digital natives and proven professionals, based in Berlin and working globally.

 Photo ©  Cherie Birkner

Photo © Cherie Birkner

David Labi has worked with top global brands on strategy and content. His passion for storytelling has infused his career, from studying literature at Cambridge to work across copywriting, publishing, TV and film. He’s written and directed globally broadcast TV and edited several publications.

He is now bringing strategic branding experience—with clients like Coca-Cola, Adidas, Lipton and Flora—to the service of good causes.

Non-profit clients include ReDI School, International Centre for Social Franchising, Citizens AdviceThe Working World and the International Civil Society Centre.

 Kohji Shiiki  Animation & Video

Kohji Shiiki

Animation & Video

 Justina Leston  Art Director

Justina Leston

Art Director

 Keda Breeze  Experiential & Events

Keda Breeze

Experiential & Events


 Bettina Meléndez  Brand Strategist

Bettina Meléndez

Brand Strategist

 Dan Berelowitz  Strategic Advisor

Dan Berelowitz

Strategic Advisor

 Carl Clancy  Web Developer

Carl Clancy

Web Developer