Fire up the creative furnace, leap over obstacles and melt down internal walls. Are you all on the same journey?


We devise and implement interactive, original workshops for all groups and durations.

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Develop and test-pilot storylines for your organisation – screenwriting theory meets branding.

brand strategy.

Align on mission and vision, explore target personae, and hone your core message.


Forms and means of storytelling for different audiences: templates and toolkits.

PR and marketing.

Media outreach and relations, how to create qualitative content and bedazzle influencers.



Bring space for creativity, focus and original thinking into your workspace.


We work in English, Spanish and German, and carry out workshops across the world.

People said...

“Good Point really helped us think about Ecosia as a story. From this we were able to shape a clear and engaging narrative which will form the backbone of our brand. Rather than using corporate jargon, the workshop was framed within popular cultural references which helped us to imagine our brand in a relatable and relevant context, and made it really fun! Despite being a large group, we were kept engaged and focused the whole day long – the team came away very much energised and inspired!”
—Christian Kroll, founder

“You did a great job given the highly multicultural and diverse audience... and it already helped us to streamline our thoughts.”
—Naomi Ryland, founder tbd*

“The attendees always leave inspired and eager for more. Maybe that is why David’s workshops have been sold out since the first edition – and we are looking forward to many more in the near future!”
—Team, Impact Hub Berlin