Fire up the creative furnace, leap over obstacles, melt internal walls.

Our process is founded on creative interactive experiences bringing teams off-routine in search of enlightenment and clear steps forward. Good Point founder David trained in non-formal education from the age of 14 and has delivered hundreds of workshops and seminars for a wide and wonderful range of purposes.

What is holding you back? What will push you forward? 

Whatever it is, we’ve got you.

Brand strategy

Align on mission and vision, explore target personae, and hone your core message.


Develop and test-pilot storylines for your organisation – screenwriting theory meets branding.


We work in English, Spanish and German, and carry out workshops across the world.


Media outreach and relations, how to create qualitative content and bedazzle influencers.

Team building

Work on your group dynamics, roles and responsibilities, and smooth out the unseen creases.


Forms and means of storytelling for different audiences: templates and toolkits.