Bringing Hope to a Political Battle

David Labi moderating the Animal Politics Foundation annual conference in The Hague. Photo by Martine Schonenberg

In the wake of the shocking win of the Far Right in the Dutch election results of Dec ’23, David was asked to moderate the annual conference of eco party the Party for the Animals in The Hague.

The mission was clear – to inject some hope and energy into the gathered worldwide animal rights and ecological activists gathered near the seat of Dutch power. The event was the annual conference of the Party for the Animals’s international body, the Animal Politics Foundation – its aim to encourage international alliances for more empathy and sustainability worldwide.

It was a blast to be there with such inspiring people, including many travelling in from war zones. Brilliant speakers provided insights on how to pragmatically encourage people to reduce animal consumption; how to support marginal political groups to make gains in unorthodox ways, and more. As well as hosting the plenary sessions, keeping things rolling with sensitivity and humour, David brought some dynamic facilitation into play, leading the creation of a “Wall of Learnings” that stimulated knowledge-sharing between the 80-90 attendees.

The Dutch political landscape sadly reflects many others throughout Europe and the world. But progressive actors are used to electoral defeat – it’s what happens alongside and outside of elections that can still make real change happen.