New Foundation with THIS DAY

Home page of new giving foundation This Day, product of a storytelling and brand creation project of Good Point

Creating the story from scratch for a significant new giving foundation.

It’s a dream for storytellers to start a brand story from scratch. Usually you come in to adapt or retrofit stories of existing initiatives. Hence it was wonderful when Good Point was asked to start at the ground floor with brand-new giving foundation THIS DAY – set up by Gary Lubner to build a fairer future for younger generations.

Gary Lubner was behind family firm autoglass and at the behest of his children wanted to invest some of his fortune into powerful impact. To that end he has since become the biggest donor in UK Labour Party history. As the main vehicle for his impactful work, This Day needed to express some powerful, world-changing values.

Image from a grantee of This Day, new giving foundation

Good Point director David started by delivering an interactive storytelling workshop for the team – plus research to extract core values and build an initial story. He wrote core texts and ran the naming process, resulting in the powerful, emotive name This Day.

Together with associate creative director Yoav Segal, we managed creation of the whole brand universe, working with the wonderful designers at O Street. We settled on an uplifting and universal logo, which leads into a set of graphic devices used with imagery from supported projects. The intention was for the brand identity to encapsulate the organisation’s optimistic, forward-thinking, active personality.

We’re thrilled to have been involved in This Day’s very first steps into the world, and so excited for all its amazing team are working to achieve!

Visit the This Day website here

This Day brand identity montage