Supporting Arts for Good with CAL.

Good Point’s David Labi at a storytelling workshop he ran for Community Arts Lab, a unit within Porticus Foundation who support arts for social good around the world.

Art is humanity’s greatest gift and weapon. The arts are intrinsically creative and empathetic, forging communities and inspiring mindset change and action. And – as opposed to all the corporations spouting the term – the arts are TRULY innovative. They allow us to dream new worlds and build them.

David was invited to Vienna to deliver a two-day storytelling workshop on this topic for the amazing Community Arts Lab. of Porticus Foundation – a team that supports exactly that – engaging the arts for social good all over the world.

Speaking of creativity, this took place inside an actual art gallery filled with breathtaking works from artists with psycho-social challenges. This atelier/exhibition space is provided for free, in Vienna’s redeveloped Bread Factory complex. And as we worked on the story of transforming the world through art, the works surrounding us illustrated what beautiful worlds are created when people are given the resources to express themselves.

Over two days the team experienced an intensive and rigorously guided programme of interactive sessions to redefine their values and story, analyse their key stakeholders, and reconnect with the core of their mission. There was also time for some reorganisation or working roles, making this a storytelling exploration in the most practical sense. As always the group received a detailed summary document with recommendations of how to incorporate the learnings and continue thinking about outstanding items.


“David brilliantly understood our core needs and planned a fun, strategic, and extremely useful two-day workshop, which he facilitated with creativity, intelligence, and sensitivity. Transforming the way we tell our story is already having a huge impact on our work.”
Werner Binnenstein-Bachstein, Director, Community Arts Lab, Porticus

Visit Community Arts Lab’s website here.