Raising Awareness for the EU with DEAR

The EU platform DEAR supports organisations raising awareness about the key challenges facing humankind – David ran a storytelling workshop for all participating organisations.

Workshopping the stories of 11 groundbreaking European organisations.

Funded by the European Union, the DEAR programme is all about development education and awareness raising – and to that end they fund and support brilliant change making organisations across the continent.

They asked David to run a storytelling experience across two days, helping the organisations reflect on their core stories, workshop them, and hone them, working on story as a foundation for their work across climate, migration, food, and other spheres crucial to a just and sustainable future.

RESPONSE – from Bianca Baumler of the DEAR Programme:

“For the EU Commission-funded DEAR programme, David delivered an extremely good storytelling workshop at our two-day pan-European conference in Brussels. The feedback from our participants was incredibly positive, standing far above other trainers and facilitators we have worked with:

– “Witnessing our story come to life was both exhilarating and rewarding.”

– “The expertise and passion shone through in every aspect of the collaboration.”

– “Dynamic, informative, very useful, and clear.”

– “I appreciated his power to encourage us and make us bring out the best stories.”

David clearly convinced them of the power and overarching importance of story-telling:

– “The storytelling … was undoubtedly my favourite part of the entire experience. The storytelling session was a powerful tool to bring together all the knowledge and insights gathered throughout the event.”

– “By utilising storytelling, we could tap into our creativity and effectively communicate complex ideas more relatable and engagingly. It solidified our understanding of the subject matter and fostered a sense of collective ownership and collaboration.”

– “The opportunity to engage in storytelling allowed us to weave a narrative encompassing key learnings and takeaways from the past two days. It provided a platform for participants to synthesize information, connect the dots, and share their unique perspectives.”

– “I want to express my gratitude for incorporating storytelling into the program. It added immense value to the overall event by providing a platform for knowledge integration and fostering community among participants.”

– “Thank you for organizing such a remarkable event and recognizing the power of storytelling as a transformative learning tool. The opportunity to bring all the knowledge together meaningfully and creatively was truly impactful. I eagerly anticipate future events where storytelling continues to play a prominent role in facilitating connection, collaboration, and deeper understanding.”

– “The storytelling session served as the perfect culmination of the event, allowing us to showcase our individual and collective growth. It was an empowering experience to witness the diverse narratives unfolding, each reflecting the knowledge and experiences gained throughout the event.”